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Training costs

Payment of training costs
We will cover 100% of the training costs. 50% of the required time off as special leave and 50% of your travel and accommodation costs. (we also cover this in case you will change your place of work)

Inhouse training and meetings

Inhouse training every 14 days

At Reha Fit you participate in internal training with specialized topics or patient council.

The training takes place during working hours. You also can accompany and observe your colleagues in all departments at any time!


Higher salary
We will consider your salary expectations.  There are no deductions for therapy absences.

Working time

You determine your weekly working time
Determine your own working hours! We are as flexible as you are, together we will define your perfect working week!


Help with moving and apartment search
We will help you with searching for an apartment and your move with a one-time moving bonus of 911,00€!


Cost coverage for childcare
We cover the costs for your childcare on a pro rata basis, e.g. for the childcare centre or kindergarten.

Familiarisation period

Induction by your head of department
You will be supervised by your head of department and introduced to our work processes! In the first few days, you will get to know the entire team and our procedures during extensive job shadowing.

Career starters

We are mentors for young professionals
You will receive your own personal mentor to exchange ideas regularly.


Therapy in focus
Our professional administration allows you to concentrate fully on your therapy. You can use therapy absences for your own studies or for interdisciplinary exchange with colleagues.


We work digitally
We provide you with your own personal tablet for Patient examination and documentation. We also exchange information digitally on our intranet.

Team events

Annual events for our team

We celebrate our annual summer party with you and your family.

Our team day takes place once a year during working hours! The whole team develop the goals for the coming year together! You help determine how the company should grow!

Our annual Advent party is also at our expense.

Food & drink

Free food and drink at the RehaFit regular´s dinner

At the Reha Fit regulars' dinner, the boss pays for the food and drink – it´s free for you!

In addition, there is fresh fruit for the whole team every week!

Travel allowance / e-bike

Travel allowance for your way to work
We support you with a travel allowance or an e-bike for your way to work!

petrol voucher

Monthly petrol voucher
You will receive a monthly fuel voucher of 50 €!

Recovery payment

Receive a recovery payment

We pay a holiday bonus of 156€, with family even more!
So you can enjoy your holiday and get back to work well rested!

Birthday present

Receive a birthday present

On your birthday you will receive a birthday present worth 60€ from your colleagues.

You can choose the present yourself!

Mobile phone

New mobile phone with contract
You have the possibility to get a mobile phone with a contract, the costs are paid by the boss.

Welcome gift

Welcome tablet
You will receive a tablet as a welcome gift at the Reha Fit Health Centre!


Supervision / support

We offer you the possibility to contact a supervisor free of charge. Everybody gets into situations that burden them and that they want to get rid of.
If you need help for this, whether in your private or professional life, contact one of our 3 supervisors.


Further benefits for you

We provide you with free team shirts with our company logo. We are well-equipped with polo shirts, summer shirts and we will of course pay for the printing of your favourite jacket.
In addition, you are welcome to train on our equipment in the Reha Fit health centre free of charge.

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